A journalist, actress and traveler. Kinga Philipps is no stranger to strange places and experiences. In fact, she loves to dive head first into every culture, every activity every moment. Her passport and souvenirs are scars and bruises she collected, over the years, from exploring Expanding on the depth and atmosphere of The Wild Side Pilot: Air, Earth, Water, the rest of season 1 will explore the hidden meaning behind the title. Host Kinga Philipps is no stranger to travel and adrenaline, but that doesn't make her invincible. Set in three distinct Shakespearean acts, Kinga will target the three layers of her mental stimuli: external, internal, and the spiritual or consciousness. Stylistically, The Wild Side veers towards an immersive, self-reflexive flavor. The filmmaking is an unabashed co-star. The imagery is daring, unorthodox, cinematic, and in-your-face. The audio is bombastic. The music is not just background but rides side-by-side with the visuals. And the sound effects are dynamic and densely emotional like a movie trailer. But between the screams are the whispers. There are passages of quiet where Kinga is relishing the destination during an exhale. Pencil and book appear and Kinga will write her impressions, even draw sketches, of how, who, and what made her experience indelible. The end result is a mixture of poetry and heart-stopping moments. Kinga's journalistic roots and bold nature will invite a new generation of explores to challenge how they see travel and themselves.

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