Year of production Number of series Total episodes Commercial runtime Definition available Originating network Production
2012 1 13


HD Travel Channel Cheri Sundae

One of the joys of travel is the excitement of entering the world of the unknown. Most often things go according to plan and we bring home photos and momentos that remind us of those wonderful times. But there are also real dangers in the world that sometimes result in a very different kind of travel memory. In each episode of this new series three amazing travel adventures will be told firsthand by the people who in the face of adversity Got Home Alive. Whether stranded at sea attacked by a grizzly trapped under ice or taken hostage by kidnappers each situation calls into play survival skills that many vacationers dont even know they have until there is no choice. Interviews with the survivors and rescuers combined with cinematic reenactments will bring these edgeoftheseat tales to life.

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