Extreme Vacation Homes gives an allaccess pass to the most luxurious opulent oneofakind breathtaking vacation homes all around the world. Well find overthetop luxury like the 37 room former Colonial Governors palace in St. Vincent now a private mansion well find hip getawayfromitall Modernistserenity on a tiny atoll in the Philippines and chill out on a former timber barge turned floating house in the San Juans. But whether vast sprawling and historical or quirky unique and unusual every home is filled with remarkable treasures and features. But Extreme Vacation Homes is more than just houses. Well see how the locals live gorgeous beaches towering mountains cool activities rolling vineyards beachside restaurants and delicious chow. This series takes you on a wishfulfillment tour of these incredible locales and shows people how to make the most of their stay!

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1 8 HD

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