Take a permanent vacation on the water from multimilliondollar floating mansions to a personal island to sprawling converted ships. We spend countless hours planning and dreaming about the perfect vacation but what if living at home felt like you were on vacation everyday Extreme Houseboats is a onehour tour of the countrys most unbelievable floating homes and a glimpse into a lifestyle that many of us dream about but few attain. We meet a couple in Portland whose awardwinning sprawling abode is not one floating home but two... Folks who serendipitously find themselves at sea and the owners of the ultimate party boat who when not celebrating are hard at work making other peoples houseboating dreams come true. Well also explore some of the most unique houseboats is it a train A plane An island! From the countrys only floating house of worship to a Howard Hughes plane turned boat join us for this onehour cruise to see Americas most extreme houseboats.

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1 7 HD

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