Dragnificent features some of the most beloved drag queens as they flip the switch and sprinkle their glitz on people who desperately wish for a mega- makeover as part of an upcoming life milestone. The series will take viewers on a loud, outrageous and heartwarming ride as the queens help each person reveal the best version of themselves - inside and out. In each episode, the cast will help someone re-imagine their appearance for a special day and reveal themselves as they have only dreamed, while taking viewers on a touching journey of their life and struggles to this point. Whether it be a bride who wants to feel beautiful walking down the aisle, an alumna who wants to strut her stuff at an upcoming high school reunion, or a woman coming to terms with her new body after losing a massive amount of weight, there is nothing the queens can’t tackle. No matter how big the event or transformation, the fairy godmothers give these people the confidence, courage and grace they need to be their best at the biggest moments of their lives.

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